This policy is required to ensure that the privacy and information security of learners’ records are maintained especially as relates to information input, maintenance, release and issuance.

Responsibilities: The Programme Coordinator for the respective course.


Adherence to the policy requires the following steps:


  1. The Programme/Course Coordinator or a designate will be responsible for:

i.   Entering course information

ii.  Keeping records up to date

iii. Backing up learner records

iv. Ensuring records are stored for a maximum of seven (7) years before they are archived.

Requesting Records

1. Requests for copies of records should be made in writing to the course focal point in the Ministry of Health in the CARPHA Member State in which the learner resides. The participant should provide the following information when making the request: 

a.      Name;

b.      Current position; 

c.       Position when enrolled in the course, if different from the current;

d.      Name of the programme, as indicated on certificate;

e.      Completion date, as indicated on certificate.

2. This request will then be sent to the Programme Coordinator

3. The information provided by the learner will be verified against the course records and with the Course Coordinator in the CARPHA member state, where applicable.

4. Once the information is verified, a transcript will be forwarded to the learner via the email address on file within two weeks of the date of the request.

Security of Records

1. Records will be stored on the CARPHA’s password protected One Drive platform

2. Only the Programme/Course Coordinator or a designate will have access to the records.

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